Kreechures Wiki

Kreechure Stats:


STR (Strength) - Measures physical power, might, and brawn. Contributes to attack damage.

DEF (Defense) - Reduces the damage that your Kreechure takes per attack.

SPD (Speed) - Increases the chance of a successful attack (not missing).

DEX (Dexterity) - Used to determine fine motor skills, reaction time, and aiming. Increases your change of dodging an attack and hitting with ranged tools.


GEN (Generation) - This number represents the lineage of your Kreechure. The lower the number, the older and higher up the family tree your Kreechure is.

NvN (Nature vs. Nurture) - Your Kreechure's overall level. Contributes to combat stats, needed rest, and other unknown things.

KSP (KinShip) - Your Kreechure's feeling towards you. Contributes to combat stats, needed rest, and other unknown things. This starts at zero for every new friend/adopter (owner) a Kreechure has. KinShip increases as you consistently interact with your buddy by taking them to the gym, having fun playing with others (combat), etc. KinShip can decrease over time when your Kreechure is neglected due to inactivity.

REST - Your Kreechure is not a breeding machine, and a tired Kreechure doesn't perform as well in combat. Rest represents the base number of hours your Kreechure needs to recover from breeding. NvN and KSP affect this base for actual breeding, and its affect in combat. The lower this number; the better.

Energy - Your Kreechure's energy will reset to the max (100) each day. Energy is used when training as well as engaging in combat with other Kreechures.